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Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services

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Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness, Health, and Nutrition

Next Meeting

February 13, 2019

John A. Wilson Building Room G9

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Agenda: TBD

Previous Meetings:

  • October 10, 2018; Location: Department of Parks and Recreation (1250 U Street NW - 2nd floor conference room)
  • August 8, 2018; 3:30pm - 5:00pm; Location: John A. Wilson Building Room G9


The Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness, Health, and Nutrition shall:

  • Advise the Mayor on matters related to physical fitness, obesity, and nutrition;
  • Develop objectives to raise awareness of the:
    • Risks of obesity;
    • Benefits of physical activity and fitness; and
    • Benefits of healthy eating.
  • Publish an annual report on the state of physical fitness, obesity, and nutrition, including any recommendations (“fitness report”);
  • Publish an annual report detailing all gifts, donations, and other funds received and all expenditures; and
  • Perform any other duties as determined by the Mayor to be necessary or appropriate.



The following people are designees of the respective individuals and are members of the Mayor’s Council:

  • Alan Karnofsky, Chair - The Mayor of the District of Columbia;
  • Delano Hunter - The Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation;
  • VACANT - The Chancellor of District of Columbia Public Schools;
  • Robert Turner - The Chair of the Public Charter School Board;
  • Jackie Geralnick- The Director of the Department of Aging; and
  • Amelia Peterson-Kosecki - Director of the Department of Health;

Other Members include:

  • VACANT - Five members appointed by the Council of the District of Columbia; 
  • Up to 14 members appointed by the Mayor.
    • Shari Curtis
    • Lisa Fitzpatrick
    • Jennifer Leo
    • Michelle Light
    • Lillie Monroe-Lord
    • Courtney Puidk
    • Greg Raleigh
    • Corey Redden
    • Sarah Roache
    • Laela Shallal
    • Emilie Simons
    • Carrie Stoltzfus
    • Danette Thomas
    • Mary Tierney